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All Good Beer take cash. Better beer than Hiver too IMHO. All Good Beer is at the rear.


IanD - Noted, thank you. We've updated the post to say so.


I went with some friends a couple of months ago and Hiver were still fine with us taking in food from the market.

hannah rhodes

Hey Guys, We'd love to update you on a few bits in this section if possible?
Yes, people are always welcome to bring in their streetfood to enjoy while at Hiver.
Hiver started on a Maltby street stall so of course, we're keen to do what we can to make sure people enjoy their time in the area. There is a sign saying 'welcome, please bring in your streetfood' but perhaps it was MIA on the day you returned. The team are also super friendly (even though we might be biased!) so please feel free to ask anything, any time.
The reason for the changes in people who share our space is because when HIver started, lots of people (such as the opportunity to be on Maltby street market) helped me get off the ground. And i was keen to be able to offer the same to others, which we've done regularly over the years. Sometime it's the retail space that people need and other times its a hotdesk or somewhere to store their market bits in the week inbetween trading days. So Bermondsey street bees ended up getting their own store on Bermondsey street after a couple of years with us (hurrah!) and the same with AGB... although we miss them it's brilliant news all round as now the space is available for others to get involved and hopefully grow in too.
Hope that's helpful and thanks very much for the update on the homepage re booking a table, really a big help. Cheers!

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