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A few comments...

Firstly, you don’t mention the words independent or craft anywhere in the article, until you use them at the end to describe what, in your opinion, Fourpure aren’t. In addition, as you mention, Hawkes have sold to Brewdog, who have had massive investment from the company who owns Pabst Blue Ribbon. And there are no negatives in your review of them. Just seems a bit contradictory, really.

A&H didn’t take over their arch from The Kernel. It’s a different space. Same street, different number.

Finally - speaking of the Kernel - to call the experience of going to one of the best breweries in the UK, buying bottles and talking to the people who created them, disturbing - well, I don’t think you could possibly have missed the point any more spectacularly.

There’s an embryo of a good idea in what you’ve done, but you need to research better, be consistent - and keep your personal feelings out of it if you’re trying to present it as an information source.


Cassius - To give each of your points the attention it deserves:

- There was a mix-up on our part between 98 Druid Street (the old home of The Kernel) and 118 Druid Street (currently home of Anspach & Hobday). That's now been corrected in the post.


James Roberts

Being a bit harsh here Cassius. I am grateful for the info the writer gives but his opinions made it a lot more of an enjoyable read and he's very welcome to them. When I do the mile I guess i'll form my own.


Perhaps Cassius could do a better job and do his own site instead of disparaging this one. As said this is an unofficial site so might have a few mistakes. Thanks to the authors for his and her valuable time taken to write this helpful blog


Thanks for this site, and please do the mile again to keep us updated on any changes. Will hopefully be going on my third mile this Christmas.


Going to do some of the mile this weekend. Massive thanks to the creators of this website. Very helpful for planning!

Trevor Lahey

Really interesting and useful blog - looking forward to following the route once lockdown has finished! I think Cassius has missed the point here - the authors made clear this is an unofficial site and why shouldn't they include their personal opinion - I for one found it made the posts much more interesting...


I agree with Cassius. This is a site about the BBM, Give us the facts and I'll make up my own mind what constitutes 'Craft Beer' and which bars I want to visit/avoid as a result.

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