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What a great guide! I vad heard though that some places vad starter being open Friday nights as well. Is this not the case?


New: Cloudwater taproom, 73 Enid Street, London, SE16 3RA


Rebecca - Yes, quite a few of the bars are open on multiple nights. Because all of them open on Saturday, and that's the traditional day when people do Beer Mile tours, we initially decided to just give the opening times for that day. We've now updated the pages to indicate which bars are open on other days of the week. Be sure to check with the bars themselves, though, as they do sometimes change their times without updating their websites (or without telling us, the self-obsessed rotters).


Richard - We're on it, thanks! See new Cloudwater post as of 28/12/2018.


This has been great! Thanks for this. Heading this weekend and wondering if you saw any sport/screens that might be showing the 6 nations in any of the places?


Sam - I think Hawkes would be your best bet: their upstairs room with big telly did a roaring trade during the World Cup last year, and it looks like they're planning to do the same with the rugby.

The version of this comment I posted earlier today concluded with this sentence: "As far as I know, the only other bar on the Mile that's ever shown an interest in televised sport is London Calling Sweden, though I suspect that would only be useful here if Sweden suddenly became one of the Six Nations." Well, my apologies to the Swedes, because it looks like they're showing it too.

Clemmie Parrett

Hi Bermondsey Beer Mile,

I handle the comms for Bone Daddies. I'm getting in touch to ask whether you can remove Bone Daddies Bermondsey from the Bermondsey Beer Mile? We are not a part of it, and it creates disappointment for those who read this and believe we are.

Thanks in advance,
Clemmie, Bone Daddies


Clemmie - hope you're happy with the compromise of keeping Bone Daddies in here, but making it clearer it's a restaurant rather than a brewery or bar. Don't forget to eat, readers!


Good guide! I've been doing the Mile since it was just Kernel and Partizan but it changes so much these days even going several months between visits, so very useful to have a guide that is kept up-to-date.

For after-mile evening beers I could recommend The Other Room on Tower Bridge Road, and for food The Grange Pub although these are about a ten minute walk from the core of the Mile.


Bianca Road Brew Co have just moved to the mile as well. 83 Enid Street, putting them between Brew By Numbers and uBrew.

More info here... and on their Instagram...

Warren Joss

Hi, is there many open on Monday 5th May around lunchtime? Cheers

Warren Joss

Monday 6th May, sorry


Luke - Thanks for letting us know. I've put a placeholder on this page for the new bar, and we'll pop round to review it at some point in the near future. Best of luck to them/you (delete as appropriate).


Warren - My guess would be that most of them will be closed - a lot of them don't open on Mondays anyway, and it wouldn't make much difference whether it was a Bank Holiday or not. Bear in mind a lot of these places are working breweries first, bars second, and they like to take holidays too! Still, each bar is a separate case and will have their own plans. Probably best to check their individual websites and associated social media feeds and see what their plans are.


Cheers thanks for your reply chum


Would there be a map of this somewhere?


Kat - Full maps of the Mile do exist out there - like this one - but our thinking was that it's far too big and rapidly-changing nowadays for a single map to cover it sensibly. That's why we've chosen to plot a series of individual maps between one bar and the next - click on the distance figures above to pull those up.

Cllr Humaira Ali

I'm a local Councillor and whilst it's fantastic to have loads of businesses in the area, the creation of the 'beer mile' has given untold stress to local residents. There is increased noise, antisocial behaviour, danger for young children and a broad cumulative impact from some loud and leery revellers. We are working with businesses and the first order will be to rename it away from the beer mile. Whoever is visiting the area, please show the utmost consideration to residents and keep noise to a minimum. You wouldn't want to experience what my residents have to ensure. Residents with PTSD, sensory disorders are now under greater medical supervision.

To those that run this site. Nice idea and helpful but I'd respectfully ask you to rename away from the beer mile. Happy to work with you when this area is rebranded.

Bermondsey Lido

You forgot the small beer Brewing company in verney road.

I live near Enid St, just off Spa Road. I think the arches are nice and glad to see breweries there.

Bethany Sinclair

Super useful guide, I was wondering how many of the locations are wheelchair accessible?
Thanks :)


How long would you recommend allotting to do the mile? And what time would you recommend starting? I know these are subjective but let’s say at an average pace, what time start/how long to take do you think?


HI. Thanks for the info. I couldn't find a map so I created one with all the sites that you have here, feel free to use it (

Dave M

Hop Kingdom is another small bar with its own skate park at 16 Druid Street. Only 2 beers and very much geared towards the skaters, no onsite brewery but a nice little bar.

Amy Nightingale

Hi, does anyone know if the mile is starting to open up again with restrictions easing??


One to add to the list would be No Boring Beer on Tower Bridge Road:

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